Baby Carrier Part 2: Mei Tai

You can read Part 1 about my experience with the Moby wrap here.

I just love the Mei Tai! In fact I love it so much, I have 2 now. I always wanted 2 carriers when I had just the Moby because when it was dirty, I had a hard time not using a carrier while I waited for it to be washed. A few times I had to hand wash it while we were traveling and used it the next day, even though it was still damp! It is awesome to have 2 carriers now.

Here we are the first day we got our carrier. He thought that was super cool. I was nervous and had a hard time getting him on my back. It takes practice to not feel like you’re gonna drop your baby. But once I got him in and started walking around, he was really excited and kept squealing with joy! On my back he can see better and is up a little higher than on my front. I wish I had gotten this carrier back when he was younger. My baby wearing group recommended that you start using meitais when babies are 4-6 months old, and that’s also the same age you can put a baby on your back, but I’ve also seen videos and recommendations online that say you can use a meitai with a newborn, you just have to make sure you have it tied properly and can make sure the baby is breathing properly.

Here we are baking cookies. I was missing out using the Moby wrap for so long. You can work so much more efficiently and comfortably with a 13 month old on your back, then on your front. And especially since the moby wrap is stretchy, after about 6 months, the baby starts getting really good at wiggling arms out and arching his back to try and see what you’re doing. A few times when I was doing dishes, he would turn half way around in the moby and start splashing in the dish water. So he had to get out, but then would fuss that he couldn’t be held and “wash” the dishes with me.

One thing that I haven’t figured out very well with this new freedom of back carrying is what to do when my baby falls asleep. As you can see in this picture he fell asleep and his head was not supported very well. Don’t worry, his head had just fallen to the side when the picture was taken and I promptly removed him from the carrier and gently laid him on the floor to rest on a blanket.

Sometimes what I do when he falls asleep is move him around to the front, like the picture below, so that I can keep an eye on his head better. But that’s not always practical, and I know there is a safe way to have a baby sleep on my back, I just haven’t learned it yet, so I’m being extra careful. It’s something I’ll have to ask the experienced ladies at the baby wearing group, next time I’m there.

And even though it’s still somewhat uncomfortable to have a baby this size on my front, it’s still a million times more comfortable than the Moby. Since the Moby is stretchy, I constantly felt like the baby was pulling away from me and straining my back, but since the meitai is not stretchy, there’s virtually no give, so the baby isn’t going anywhere and feels more like a part of you. I guess that’s why they call it baby wearing, cause it almost feels like you’re wearing a jacket or something. If the baby is properly placed there’s almost no strain on you.

The nice thing about meitais is they look kind of like backpacks, so they’re more…..manly I guess. My husband never carried him in the Moby, but here he is vacuuming with him in the meitai. You can tell by his blurry head and flailing legs that he was totally excited to have Daddy carrying him on his back. This was so new and exciting! Daddy does carry him a lot, but usually in his arms or on his shoulders for a bit, but never before in a carrier until this day.

Carrying a large baby on my front was so exhausting. It felt like I was pregnant with triplets or something. But carrying the same size baby on my back, felt a million times lighter. I could even carry 4 extra bags and not feel very weighed down.

The last thing I want to say about this carrier is why I like it better than an actual backpack style carrier, like an ergo. It has no buckles or loops to adjust. You just tie it on just like a wrap. And I think it’s easier to use than a wrap because it is somewhat structured, but it’s a little prettier than the ergo and goes well with skirts or jeans.

These pictures were only in the first few weeks of having the carrier. I have more pictures and things to share, but I think I’ll share them in another post.

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2 Responses to Baby Carrier Part 2: Mei Tai

  1. Jenna says:

    So I’m loving the idea of this carrier. Where did you purchase yours?

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