Multi-Purpose Game Board

Here’s a game board my husband designed to be used with multiple chess and checkers-style games. He also designed and made some of the playing pieces himself. It was fun to make, here’s how I did it:

1. All the fabric cut into squares and laid out by color:

2. Each square placed where it needs to be, so I don’t get mixed up while sewing:

3. I worked on it in sets of nine:

4. First sewing 3 rows together and ironing the seams in opposite directions:

5. Then sewing the 3 rows together:

6. Checking to make sure the pieces fit. (this post explains why, as this is the second time I tried making this board). YAY! Successful measuring this time!:

7. Here it is, with each set of nine sewn together, a border, and a few extra markings to indicate play areas for various games:

8. My husband said the board should be stiff enough to play on without pieces falling everywhere, but pliable enough to roll up for travel, so I used iron-on interfacing. Here I’m testing the stiffness of it with some scrap fabric:

9. Testing the rollability:

10. Here’s what it’s like without interfacing:

11. Finished, front view:

12. Finished, back view:

Here are some of the games that can be played on it, with links of game rules:

1) Arimaa:

2) Chinese chess 象棋 (xiàng qí, elephant game):

3. Japanese chess 将棋 (shō gi, general’s chess):

4. kamisado. For this one he glued little circles of the fabric that I used to make the board onto the pieces, so that the colors would perfectly match:

5. Djambi:

6. Animal chess 鬥獸棋 (dòu shòu qí, fighting beasts game):

There are many more options for games on this board. These are just a few. Obviously, you can also play western chess and checkers on this board, but those aren’t picture worthy.

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