Shortbread Cookies

Upfront disclaimer: I am less than satisfied with my organization and communication in this post. I am 8 months pregnant and generally sleep deprived. I will probably make more sense once I get better sleep. Which will be…….2 years from now……10 years from now….maybe never?

I’m not really gonna share a shortbread cookie recipe here. There are plenty of good ones out there. I’m just sharing my experiment for toppings, and posting a new format of pictures, just for fun. So I made these shortbread cookies from Secrets of Colombian Cooking.  It is one of my favorite cookbooks. I love Colombian food and so should you.

Ok, now back to the cookies. This recipe calls for clarified butter, so I thought I’d photograph the process and share it with you. Because making clarified butter is really fun. It feels like a chemistry experiment. It breaks down the butter into various components and allows you to extract some of them in order to utilize only the components you want for the recipe. I’m also experimenting with putting captions directly into the picture collages. I welcome honest feedback/critique about that.

Now I also experimented with toppings, as I said earlier. I got the idea to put toppings on the cookies from this blog post featured on Pioneer Woman sometime back in December. The following collage shows what toppings I experimented with:

Originally, the cookies should just be topped with powdered sugar, and they are good that way. But they look so much more fun and colorful with other toppings. However, none of the toppings worked as is. They would need to be altered in some way for next time. The guava paste and fresh pineapple were my favorite toppings, but the pineapple didn’t stay stuck on the cookie very well. And since it was fresh, those cookies needed to be eaten right away, otherwise the pineapple would spoil. I also didn’t put enough guava paste on, so it got too dried out and sticky. I should’ve paid closer attention to the blog post I got the idea from. She put several chunks on each cookie and they look better. The dried cherries didn’t work at all. I did rehydrate them first, but they still got very dehydrated and crunchy. Crunchy dried fruit is not very pleasant to me. And the chocolate chips, I thought, would melt together into a scrumptious puddle of chocolate, but they didn’t. The taste was good, but the appearance was lacking. It would’ve been better to just top them with melted chocolate after baking.

I warned in my About section that some of my posts would chronicle my failures. This is one of them. But all was not lost. The cookies themselves were still really good. I brought them to Bible Study and the international students, who think American cookies are too sweet, really liked these cookies because they weren’t too sweet. They said they were just right. The cookies would’ve gone very nicely with some cafe con leche. And I would’ve had them with coffee, if I could have, but I’ve been avoiding caffeine for my baby’s sake.

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One Response to Shortbread Cookies

  1. Jenna says:

    Oh Megan, I wish I could see you at 8 months pregnant! I’ve seen a couple pix of you on facebook and you just look beautiful. I’m sorry about the sleep deprived part . . .I hear that kinda comes with the territory if you know what I mean. =) Anyway, I love shortbread and I love that you shared your ‘failure’ (though I’m sure the cookies were uber tasty). Love you guys!!

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