Chicken Coconut Rice

What do you do when you are so behind on dishes that it feels like you have nothing clean left to eat with and you don’t wanna eat out? Well there’s always the obvious, eat some peanut butter & jelly or cereal and then get the dishes done. But what if you want a hot home cooked meal anyway, don’t want it to take a long time and don’t want to dirty that many dishes. Well, you use your rice cooker, and cook the whole meal in it.

This happened to us recently, so we used things we had on hand and made a delicious hot meal in the rice cooker. I love my rice cooker. I think it’s a cook’s 2nd best friend. The best friend is actually the dishwasher, because it does all the work of cleaning up for you after a tough cooking session. And unfortunately, I don’t have a dishwasher, or should I say, I am the dishwasher. So when I’m behind on dishes, it completely kills my motivation to cook. But I’m trying to get past that and learn to be able to cook anyway.

Ok so here’s the recipe:

I’m not gonna give any measurements because you would have to adjust to how many people you’d be feeding. Ingredients in bold. Steps in pictures right here:

1) Debone some cooked chicken. We almost always have cooked chicken on hand because of making homemade broth and stuff like that, but in this case we had some leftover rotisserie chicken from the Peruvian restaurant down the road, which is soooooo good.

2) Wash rice and put in rice cooker. The liquid amount will depend on what type of rice you use. I used basmati rice here, so I needed 2 parts liquid to 1 part rice. So here you should put in 1 part water and 1 part coconut milk. This is very important. Make sure you only put half coconut milk/half water for the liquid amount you need because otherwise the coconut milk flavor will be too strong and overpower everything else, and the rice won’t cook as well. You can probably guess that I did not do what I was supposed to. I was too busy taking pictures that I accidentally put all coconut milk in. The result was some rice grains did not fully cook, so they were a little crunchy.

3) Roast some peanuts. Ok I know I said the whole thing could be cooked in the rice cooker, but the peanuts are a garnish anyway and are optional. Notice that I used aluminum foil to roast the peanuts on cause I didn’t wanna have to wash the baking sheet. These were raw peanuts from the Indian market, roasted in the toaster oven on 250F for about 10 min, stirring every few minutes. If you roast them in the oven it would take a little longer and you would need the temp higher.

4) Throw the chicken, some salt and some frozen peas in the rice cooker. You could use other vegetables, whatever you have on hand. I personally think peas go really well with coconut milk though.

5) Put in a little sugar, something on the order of 1 tsp per 2 cups liquid. You don’t want too much sugar.

6) Turn the rice cooker on and let it cook. While you’re waiting, remove the hulls/skins (whatever they’re called) from the peanuts after they’re done roasting and cooled off a little bit. Wash some cilantro, if you have that on hand too, for garnish.

7) When the rice cooker is done, stir it all around and serve it up with the peanuts and cilantro on top, like this:


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4 Responses to Chicken Coconut Rice

  1. Jenna says:

    This is my kinda meal!! And yes, my dishwasher (Adam) is my 1st kitchen BFF, followed by my rice cooker. Followed by my cast iron skillet and Dutch oven.

    • Yeah Andrew does help me with dishes a lot too, but he’s not always available while I’m cooking when he’s working on other projects. Somehow we get behind on dishes sometimes. I don’t really get it, but it drives me crazy.

      A dutch oven might be nice someday. I’ve never used one. Love my cast iron, but need to reseason it before I can use it again. It got a little water splashed it in that wasn’t dried right away and got a little rusty. So I need to scrub that off. Salt works, if it ever happens to you.

      • Becki says:

        I’m trying this tonight! So excited! It’s been so long since I used my rice cooker that I had to wash it first.

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